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I managed to get second place in a Gizmodo mosaic photo contest.  My entry seems to be pretty popular with the commenters too.  As I mentioned with my submission, I wrote the software that created the mosaic.  Also note that the target photo is one of the component photos, so you can search for it Where’s Waldo-style if you’re up for a challenge.

Bike Target
Bike Collage

The software I wrote to make the mosaics only works on Linux, and is very confusing to use, but I plan to port it to windows and add a GUI to make it more usable, and then release it.  Maybe as freeware, maybe as shareware, maybe as open source – haven’t decided.  I’ll start on it pretty soon, but at the moment I’m working on some ASCII art stuff and a microcontroller project.  I get enough requests from people who have seen my collages that I think it’s finally time to put it out there.

Here’s a link to some more collages/mosaics that my wife Alonna has made with the same software.

4 comments to Collages

  • thomas

    Hi !
    great work with your photo collages !
    Could you also port it to Mac OS ?
    I, as probably many other, would be ready to pay for such a software, given that the results are much better looking than some of the other Mosaic softwares available, either free or as shareware.
    Keep it up !

    • Ben

      Thomas, thanks. I’ll have to see about porting to Mac, at the moment I don’t have any experience with GUI development on OSX, but since the main code is all in C++, porting should always be a simple matter of “slapping a GUI on it”. We’ll see. If I release it open source, someone else can always do that part…

  • russell

    Amazing. I followed the contest on Gizmodo and thought you had the winning shot. I can’t wait until you release the program you wrote. I don’t know if it is possible, but I think it would be really neat to be able to track which images are used (and where) so you could print out (4×6) and assemble a giant collage.

    • Ben

      Russel, the exact idea did occur to me (or maybe it was my wife), I could generate a giant sort of “paint-by-numbers” sheet that you could tape or glue 4×6s to. Seems like something that would look pretty cool if you didn’t mind covering an entire wall.