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Artscii is a program for converting images into a unique form of ASCII art.  Different fonts and font sizes can be used, with distinctive results.

Latest Version is here:

Please note that this software is provided without any warranty, express or implied.

Some tips for using Artscii:

  • Start with small images (up to about 800 on the longest side)
  • Start by just trying an asterisk (*) and one font, this will give you a quick idea of how an image might look rendered by Artscii
  • If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you made need to disable Clear Type to get good results (something to do with how ClearType causes fonts to be rendered)
  • Fonts with serifs often look best because otherwise Artscii will engage in a behavior I call “stacking L’s”  to fill in dark areas.  This is less of a problem with detailed images.

Known issues

  • Artscii does not remember any settings (Due to a bug in Visual C++ Express, actually)
  • Some bugs and strange behaviors with zooming – but nothing that will cause it to crash
  • “Debug BG Image” doesn’t work in color mode.

What Artscii can do:

scream-alphabet-AlbaInverted - white letters on black backgroundwedding-heartsLetterAben-bike-artscii2